The Global Wellness Day 12th June 2021 is coming. What will you do to take better care of yourself and your loved ones’ health every day?

Healthy eating and regular detoxing are two of the critical factors for a healthy life. Assisting you and your loved ones on this journey of improving your daily life is the 5-colours of Organic Fresh Juice & Detox from The Odys Boutique Hotel!

Busy cosmopolitan life combined with a polluted environment severely affects your body and health. But sweat not, as we have prepared three types of detox juice to accompany the three most prevalent health concerns:

  • Beautiful-Body Detox apple tea with green tea, apple, cinnamon and honey. This lightly sweet and aromatic tea is helpful for those end-of-day runs, gym sessions, and busy daily schedules.
  • Weight-Loss Detox juice with watermelons, strawberries and spearmint. This refreshing juice is a perfect drink for Ho Chi Minh’s hot summer days.
  • Rejuvenation Detox juice with Butterfly Pea, chia seeds, apple and orange. The lightly sweet and sour juice is both aesthetically pleasing and delicious. A bottle of our Rejuvenation Detox juice every day will be the quiet companion to maintain your timeless beauty.

Regardless of the body shaping, weight losing or anti-ageing process, they are not the matter of a one-off treatment. Therefore, you can combine your most favorite juice choice with any diet, exercise plans or physical activities with 7 bottles for 7 days combo.

Living healthily is a combination of a healthy diet, a suitable exercising schedule, and soul-nurturing activities. Besides the new detox menu for body-toning and skin-nurturing, The Odys Boutique Hotel also hosts many activities for you to destress such as:

  • Swirling away stress with passionate Salsa, Kizomba and Bachata dances in our Salsa Social Dance every Fridays
  • Finding inner peace with our weekend Yoga classes led by famous Yoga instructors
  • Nurturing your artistic soul with our Tipsy Art classes as instructed by Ms Salsa Fishler.

Moreover, who says you need to put so much efforts into cooking to lead a healthy lifestyle? The Odys Boutique Hotel locates at the heart of district 1, only a 5-minute walk away from nearby office buildings, offering a free delivery service within a 2km radius.

Combine our Detox juice combo with our current office lunch packages. Save those valuable time to continue being the successful and always beautiful you!


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